Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The Fair Transfer Ltd.  Licence number: 00913501 makes a shuttle service throughout England.

The service provides a non-scheduled passenger transport, as a private service, throughout the United Kingdom as well as in the administrative area of London.

The shuttle service operates in 24 hours almost every day of the year.

The contract between the customer (hereinafter referred to as the passenger) and the Fair Transfer (provider) is created based on the following:

1. The subject of the contract, the passenger: if two or more people take part in the same contract, or the reservation is made by a third person, the travel contract shall be applied to all passengers.

2. The method of making a reservation:

  • On our website, the www.fairtransfer.co.uk , with the help of a dedicated online
    booking system.
  • Via E-mail: info@fairtransfer.co.uk


2.1. The customer of the reservation is obliged to give all the accessibility of him and the passengers (phone number, e-mail address). If the passenger is not available through the given phone number and cannot be informed of any changes, the passenger shall take all the responsibility for the resulting consequences.

2.2. The following information is needed to the order: name, phone number, e-mail address, number of travellers, travel date, name of airport, time of arrival at the airport, the flight number, exact address of the place of departure / arrival, package volume, etc.

If any of the information listed above is not specified correctly, the passenger shall take all the responsibility for the resulting consequences.

3. Order confirmation: After reservation, our system confirms the order immediately from which our customers shall be notified by e-mail. By printing or/and showing the confirmatory e-mail, the passenger can demonstrate the eligibility for the travel.

4. The travel contract comes into being when the passenger or his representative orders a service (offered by the provider), the order is accepted (confirmed) by the provider, the passenger pays in advance the fare or undertakes in the written reservation that he pays during delivery or by subsequent transfer. This is possible only in case of a confirmation given by the provider.

4.1. Requirement: on the order form the customer shall indicate that he understands the content of the travel contract and accepts that obligatory for himself.

5. Payment: The fare (GBP) currency can be paid based on the following:

  • Online payment in advance to the bank account of the provider.
  • In cash to the chauffeur on spot based on a previous agreement.
  • Subsequent transfer based on a previous agreement.


6. Modification or cancellation of an order.

6.1. 24 hours before the start of the transport, the order can be changed free of charge. Within 24 hours, the modification is possible only after a consultation by phone, depending on the driver’s timetable.

6.2. The order can be cancelled free of charge 24 hours before the start of the transportation. The customer cannot claim a refund of the paid fare if there is a cancellation within 24 hours. In case of a subsequent transfer, the full fare shall be invoiced.

6.3. In case of a return, if the date of the return differs from the previously fixed date, there is possibility for modification if the passenger indicates it at least 24 hour in advance.

If the passenger does not indicate the difference, the provider is not responsible for the damage resulting from the variability (unnecessary delivery). The customer cannot claim a refund and the unpaid fee will be charged.

6.4. The provider shall be entitled to terminate the contract only and exclusively if it is not possible to transport the customer to the destination due to any reason beyond the chauffeur.

7. The fulfilment of the service, the provider's responsibility

7.1. The service is provided under the non-scheduled passenger transportation rules. The vehicles take up the passengers and transport them as private service.

7.2. Due to unforeseen reasons, the Provider maintains the right to change the date of departure and shall inform the passengers about it.

7.3. The Provider undertakes the sending of the booked vehicle to the given address and confirmed date in a 15-minute interval.

7.3.1. The Provider accomplishes the sending of the booked vehicle to the airport in the given time, specified in the order. In case of a private transfer from the airport, after the scheduled arrival of the airplane, the provider is required to wait no more than one hour, then he has the right to leave the location and consider the transport as fulfilled. If the passenger informs the Provider of the reasons of the delay and the expected date of arrival within one hour from the scheduled arrival of the airplane, the chauffeur shall wait for the arrival of the client. In this case, extra costs may be incurred (parking fee) that the passenger shall pay.

7.4. If the destination is not accessible due to obstacle or the rule of the road, the provider shall transport or pick up the passengers in the closest destination point.

7.5. Vis maior: If the transport fails due to unavoidable external reasons (Vis maior – war, terrorism, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters, etc.), the Provider shall not be liable to the passenger.

7.5.1. If the fulfillment of the contract becomes impossible due to the situations mentioned in the previous paragraph, the provider shall take security into
consideration and is expected to act with the greatest care.

7.5.2. In case of predictable Vis maior, the provider may withdraw from the fulfillment of the transport and shall inform the passengers.

7.6. Responsibility of the Provider:

7.6.1. If the transportation of passengers fails because of the fault of the provider (over time transportation) or the transportation is completed with a significant delay, the resulting costs shall be refund by the Provider. Furthermore, based on the legal requirements, the provider does not bear the responsibility of the proven damages during the transport.

7.6.2. The service provider is not liable for any delay in case of any occurring incident (accidents, road closures, extreme road conditions, etc.) For these reasons, the further transportation is failed.

7.6.3. In the case of any occurring technical failure, the Provider shall arrange on his own expense the further safe transportation of the passenger, providing to reach the destination.

7.6.4. The service provider bears the responsibility of any damages occurred with the passenger and the baggage during transportation. To provide this liability, the provider possesses with an insurance coverage. The provider is not liable for any items left in the vehicle.

7.6.5. The provider is not laden with responsibilities in case the passenger gives inaccurate data (telephone contact, ordering address, name of airport / flight number, flight arrival time etc.) or misses the supplying of data.

8. Duties of the Passenger

8.1. In case of the cancellation of the flight or the arrival with another flight, the passenger is required to inform the provider 3 hours before the arrival of the original flight. In case of the passenger fails to inform the provider, the ordered service is regarded fulfilled and the passenger shall pay the complete fee.
8.2. The passenger shall be ready to go and shall wait for the vehicle in the hotel, apartment or the confirmed time and place (in case of a private address). The chauffeur is required to wait up to 10 minutes. If he cannot contact the passenger (phone) within 10 minutes, he shall leave the place alone. The passenger is responsible for the damages resulting from his delay. This 10 minutes waiting for the passenger is free. Inasmuch the passenger appears after 10 minutes, he shall pay the full waiting fee to the chauffeur. The waiting fee is 25 pence/ minute.

8.3. The passenger shall take the service in a healthy, infectious disease-free condition. The passenger can be excluded from the transportation if his health condition falls under suspicion because of any infectious diseases or objectionable behavior (being drunk). Furthermore, if his behavior is dangerous for the fellow passengers or his clothing and luggage does not meet the requirements of a civilized appearance (endangers the clearness of others and the furniture), the passenger cannot use the transportation service. In this case, based on any given evidences, the transportation shall be deemed fulfilled.

8.4. If the passenger defiles or damages the provider’s vehicle, furniture or others personal objects, he is liable for cleaning and to refund the resulting costs. In all cases, any intentional damage entails the initiation of legal proceedings.

8.5. In case of the passenger does not comply with the extra luggage request in advance (animal, skis, golf equipment, bicycles, etc.), extra fee is needed to pay.

9. Pick up at the airport or train station

9.1. In the order confirmation, the service provider shall inform the passengers about the meeting location with the chauffeur.

9.2. At the airport, in all cases, the meeting place is in the international waiting room. The chauffeurs go into the arrival terminal at the specified time (given in the reservation) where they will be waiting for their passengers with a name board. In case of a train station, the meeting point is at the exit of the platform of the arrival train.

9.3. Arriving at the airport or train station, our prices include: a 30 minutes waiting from the arrival and the parking fee. In all cases, the passenger shall pay the extra fee of waiting and parking after 30 minutes. The extra cost of the parking fee is variable in different airports, the cost of the waiting fee is 25 pence/ minute.

9.4. If the airplane arrives earlier or late, the transportation changes according to the rate of delay or earlier arrival.

10. Passenger-luggage, hand luggage transportation.

10.1. The passenger can carry an appropriate luggage based on the air transport rules. In all cases, the passenger selects the desired vehicle in accordance with the amount of delivered luggage. The amount of the luggage varies by the type of the vehicle. Being aware of the number of passengers and luggage, our company does not take the responsibility for the consequences of an improperly selected vehicle.

The size of the package changes as follows:
Small cabin baggage (42x32x25cm) = 0 unit
Large cabin baggage (56x45x25cm) = 0.5 unit
Normal checked-in baggage (75x55x40cm) = 1 unit
Large checked-in baggage (90x55x40cm) = 1.5 unit

In addition, each package, object, device, equipment, etc. counts as extra package with extra costs. One (previously indicated) wheelchair/ stroller per passenger exempt from the fee.

10.2. Extra package (ski, bikes, golf package, etc.) must be indicated in the order. Subsequent orders can be accepted based on previous agreement, no later than one day before transportation.

10.3. Animals can only be transported in cages, boxes, etc., that are allowed by the rules of air transport.

10.4. Child seat: In advance, if the passenger required a child seat in the order, the service provides that free of charged. The passenger shall pay a compensation of the resulting costs of this failure.

10.5. Next to the vehicle, the chauffeur takes the packages of the passenger and in his presence, the chauffeur places them in the luggage compartment (taking a safe and economical delivery into consideration). After the transportation, the chauffeur gives back the luggage to the passenger. The passenger is responsible for the sameness of the baggage (in addition to liability for damages). The provider is not responsible for the packages left in the vehicle.

10.6. Transportation ban

During transportation, the passenger must not own the followings:

o Dangerous (chemical, corrosive, toxic, radioactive, etc.) objects.
o Guns or other defensive and offensive tool.
o Thrusting and cutting tools can be transported only in the luggage compartment.
o Any object that could cause disgust in others.
o Any object that endangers the physical safety of the passengers and may damage or contaminate the vehicle.
o Any object that is unsuitable for carriage or may obstruct a safe transportation because of its shape or nature.

10.6.1. If the baggage of the passenger does not meet the requirements of the delivery service, the provider shall exclude the passenger from transportation. In case of exclusion, the passenger shall pay the full fare.

11. Transportation discounts. The discounts can be found in the official price list. The passenger shall prove eligibility in order to receive any discount (e.g. child discount).

12. Controversial questions

12.1. Any controversial question, emerging in connection with the service, or any complaint in connection with a compensation claim should be put forward to the provider.

The complaint will be investigated by the Service and the passenger will be informed of the decision within 30 days. In case of the acceptance of the complaint, the passenger’s compensation claim will be satisfied.

12.2. The contracting parties shall solve all the controversial questions in connection with the shuttle service (passenger/ provider duties) pending the negotiations. If the negotiation process fails, a court (which has powers and duties in the given service) shall make the decision.

13. Validity of the travel / transportation contract in force
The service is only available if the passenger accepts the conditions, mentioned above. The customer declares in the order that he has read and accepted the conditions of the Travel Contract. (The passenger shall indicate and admit this in the order form by a signature). According to this, the Provider confirms the order.

Based on the above (with the order and its confirmation) the travel contract comes into operation between the Provider and the passenger.