Drive with us

Drive with us


Do you have your own vehicle and local knowledge?

Our youthful and energetic team is looking for fair colleagues with their own cars for passenger transport from airports, local destinations in London, as well as in England. 


Why to choose us?


Our software operates with an intelligent and user friendly administration system. On its easily accessible transport scheduling platform drivers can keep track of the details of the transfers.

The booked trips get immediately registered on the drivers’ booking platform, facilitating an easy and efficient scheduling of the daily workload.

The drivers receive remuneration on a monthly basis. With the help of our software our partners can constantly keep track on the details of trips and current balances.

For our partners, as long as they comply with legal requirements, our software provides the opportunity to register their own trips.


Every driver working as a subcontractor has the opportunity to conduct his/her own trips. However, not having the required transportation permissions, for example the lack of operator licence in case of police control during a paid trip could lead to undesired consequences. Furthermore, in case of road accidents the insurance will not cover neither the vehicle, nor the passengers.


For our organizational services, we merely take a 17% haircut. There is no extra or hidden costs beyond this.

If what we do interests you, send us a filled application form (download from here)

After completing the contractual process we register you in our system and open your “booking platform”, which you can access with the provided user name and password. Your journeys will be assigned to you and confirmed through this platform.

When a journey gets registered, the driver receives an automated message on his/her phone. Following this, the driver may enter the program to accept or reject the trip.


In the hope of a successful cooperation!

FAIR Transfer